Venetian Plastering

Venetian Plastering

So, what is venetian plaster? The answer lies in what it’s made of, how it’s applied and the finished effect.

Traditional Venetian Plaster, otherwise known as marble plaster, Italian plaster or polished plaster is made of lime putty and marble dust and gives a highly polished finish to walls and ceilings, which can look like stunning marble itself. As a result it’s very often used successfully for decorative effect.

While it can be enhanced with acrylic resins, when it’s applied correctly, the plaster on its own can give a rock hard, deeply textured and smooth marble-like finish which displays a glossy, high sheen.

Venetian Plaster has been used for centuries and although it was originally used for building purposes its main use is now to compliment the interior design of a building, whether it’s old world traditional, contemporary design or even used in listed buildings for restoration.

It’s popular, not only for the striking and luxurious effect that it gives, but also because lime based venetian plaster is made with less harmful chemicals, which makes it hypoallergenic, as well as mould and algae resistant, not to mention the fact that venetian plaster can also regulate humidity.

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